A successful research environment is highly collaborative.

The success of our team largely depends on our collaborations with other researchers and departments throughout the University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services, and other lung tumour groups across Canada. For instance, we have a strong long-term working relationship with Calgary Laboratory Services in which their lab provides us with tumor samples for our studies in exchange for a fee. Without this partnership, our project scope would be limited.

To date we have several developing partnerships:

Robson DNA Science Centre

Dr. Bebb is a core contributing research member of the Robson DNA Science Centre (, a group of nine independent laboratories within the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute working together to research (i) mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, (ii) translational applications of genome instability to the clinic and (iii) the pathways underlying human cellular aging. Some projects that we are involved with include: ATM and DNA response and repair signalling in various cancers with Dr. Susan Lees-Miller, and the Southern Alberta Radon Mapping project with Dr. Aaron Goodarzi.

Transcriptome profiling of NSCLC and OncoFinder Analysis

Dr. Bebb has partnered with Dr. Olga Kovalchuk at the University of Lethbridge to profile RNA expression in a cohort of NSCLC patients using transcriptome chips and RNAseq technologies. To date we have tested the methodology on a small test group of patient samples with promising results. Using the proprietary OncoFinder algorithms developed by Dr. Kovalchuk and her group along with her database of normal tissue, we can calculate pathway activation scores for deregulated signaling pathways, and identify individual drug recommendations for each patient. We soon hope to advance this partnership into the clinical trial arena.

Manitoba Tumor Bank

With the aim of constantly improving biomarker expression validation measures, Dr. Bebb has extended his collaborations nationally by joining with the Manitoba Tumor Bank.  We look forward to comparing and contrasting ATM protein expression between the two centres in 2018.…

Angela Chan

Translational Laboratories Functional Tissue Imaging Unit (Alberta Health Services) – Angela Chan

Angela Chan is the Acting Functional Tissue Imaging Unit Operation Lead in the Translational Laboratories of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. As the unit lead, she collaborates with Dr. Bebb to identify and quantify biomarkers in tissue samples from patients in the Glans-Look Lung Cancer Research Program. This is achieved using fluorescent immunohistochemistry, which involves the highly sensitive detection of specific proteins using antibodies and fluorescent labels and quantification using digital pathology platforms. The expression and localization of these proteins can provide useful information that can guide the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and improvement of patient care.

Angela’s research interests include development of quality controls for immunohistochemistry, and the use of these controls to standardize quantitative immunohistochemistry in clinical laboratories. Recently, she started to explore the area of multiplex IHC and artificial intelligence for digital images analysis. She also have a strong molecular biology background where she works with molecular scientist in the Translational Laboratories doing Next Generation Sequencing for mutational analysis, copy number analysis and gene expression Analysis. She received her MSc in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary, where she worked on signaling pathways that influence the survival and migration of cancer cells. She had industry experience through working in a biotechnology company and clinical diagnostic experience through working in Genetic Laboratories Services in Alberta Health Services as a licensed MLT (via substantial equivalency) before assuming her research position at the Translational Labs in 2009.

Dr. Oliver Bathe
Dr. Winson Cheung
Dr. Andrea Fung
Dr. Martin Koebel
Dr. Karen Kopciuk
Dr. Adriana Matutino
Dr. JB McIntyre
Dr. Don Morris
Dr. Karl Riabowol
Dr. Charles Ricordel

Our goal is to continue to build these strong relationships and find new partnerships to help us achieve our vision. We hope that the success of one partnership will invite further collaborations.

Please visit our Projects page to view our past and current studies.