The Glans-Look Research program is full of opportunities for new research projects.

We have many ongoing projects with an abbreviated list below.  We are always looking for new and innovating ideas and welcome collaborations. If you are interested in working with us or would like more information on our program, please complete contact us at

Project areas of interest

Outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer

Associations of accelerometer-determined physical activity and sedentary time with depression and anxiety in lung cancer survivors.

D’Silva et al. – 2018 (in press)

Comparison of Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes in Relapsed versus de novo Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Gibson et al. – 2018 (in press)

Reaching the pinnacle of stage III NSCLC treatment

D’Silva – in preparation

Factors Associated With Early Mortality in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Following Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment: A 10-Year Population Based Study

Gibson – in preparation

Brain metastasis incidence in non-small cell lung cancer: Results from a tertiary Canadian cancer center

D’Silva – in preparation

Associations of objectively assessed physical activity and sedentary time with health-related quality of life among lung cancer survivors: A quantile regression approach

D’Silva – in preparation

Sarcopenia is associated with worse overall survival in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Grendarova – in preparation

Tracking clinical characteristics and outcomes in NSCLC patients at a single cancer institution

Tudor – in preparation

Overall survival characterization of incidental N2 non-small cell lung cancer over 14 years at a single Canadian institution

van der Merwe – in preparation

Outcomes in small cell lung cancer

Baseline characteristics and overall survival of limited and extensive stage SCLC: 2010 – 2015 Diagnoses

Elegbede – in preparation

DNA damage repair deficiencies in lung cancer

Characterization of cisplatin sensitivity in ATM-deficient and ATM-knockdown NSCLC cells

Moore & Petersen – in preparation

Transcriptome profiling of ATM-deficient early resected NSCLC

Petersen – in preparation

ATM protein expression in early resected NSCLC

Dean & Chan – in preparation

ATM deficiency increases mutation burden in lung cancer cells

Petersen – in preparation

Genomics and bioinformatics

Transcriptome profiling of early resected NSCLC

Petersen – in preparation

Immune oncology

Immune-related adverse events and response to immune therapy

Suo – in preparation

Heterogeneity, prevalence and prognostic significance of PDL1 expression in early resected NSCLC

Dean & Chan – in preparation

Targeted therapies for NSCLC

Characteristics and overall survival patterns of EGFR mutation positive NSCLC patients beyond progression: a retrospective analysis 2010-2015

Tudor – in preparation

Clinical features and outcomes of NSCLC patients with uncommon EGFR mutations – The Alberta experience

Tudor – in preparation

Lung cancer and gender

Gender disparities in NSCLC patients diagnosed in a single, Canadian urban centre

Alsaadoun – in preparation

The Prognostic Value of Estrogen Receptor Beta Expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Enwere – in preparation

Clinical characteristics of survival outliers in stage IV adenocarcinoma lung cancer patients

Fung – in preparation

Biomarker studies